Annual General Meeting 2021

The Annual General Meeting of P/F BankNordik was held on 26 March 2021 at 5 pm at the head office, Oknarvegur 5 in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands.

At the annual general meeting of P/F BankNordik on Friday, March 26, 2021, the general meeting:

  • Took note of the Board of Directors’ report on the company’s activities in 2020
  • Adopted the Annual Report 2020, including the annual accounts with the auditors’ report
  • Approved the Board of Directors’ proposed allocation of profit, including, payment of dividend of DKK 5 per share of DKK 20, corresponding to DKK 48 million or 28.9% of the net profit for the year
  • Approved the proposal from the Board of Directors’ that the general meeting elects five members to the Board of Directors
  • Re-elected Ben Arabo and Jógvan Jespersen, and elected Sverre Bjerkeli, Michael Ahm and Jóhanna Lava Køtlum as members of the Board of Directors
  • Re-appointed P/F Januar, løggilt grannskoðanarvirki together with PricewaterhouseCoopers Statsautoriseret Revisionspartnerselskab as external auditors
  • Adopted the proposal from the Financing Fund of 1992 on revoking the quorum-requirement in section 9.2. of the Articles of Association when deciding on the Board of Directors’ proposal on amendment of section 9.3. of the Articles of Association
  • Adopted the Board of Directors’ proposal on amendment of section 9.3. of the Articles of Association
  • Adopted Board of Directors’ proposal for remuneration of the Board of Directors in 2021

Immediately after the annual general meeting the Board of Directors met to elect its Chairman and Vice Chairman. Sverre Bjerkeli was elected Chairman and Jóhanna Lava Køtlum was elected as Vice Chairman.

The Board of Directors of P/F BankNordik hereafter consists of:

  • Sverre Bjerkeli, Chairman of the Board
  • Jóhanna Lava Køtlum, Vice Chairman of the Board
  • Ben Arabo, Board Member
  • Jógvan Jespersen, Board Member
  • Michael Ahm, Board Member
  • Kenneth M. Samuelsen, Board Member, employee representative
  • Rúna Hentze, Board Member, employee representative
  • Alexandur Johansen, Board Member, Group representative


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