Shareholder Portal

The shareholder portal offers investors the option to receive electronic investor news and information on Føroya Banki such as notices to the general meetings, annual reports and company announcements via email. In addition, the shareholder portal allows investors to receive the admission card by email, appoint a proxy, or submit a vote in connection with the general meeting.

Go directly to the shareholder portal or read the instructions below on how to access the shareholder portal for the first time.


  • Open the shareholder portal here.

  • If applicable, log in with your Danish NemID user. Otherwise, use your VP account number and personal password to log in. Note: if you are having problems logging in using your VP account number, try to add a zero (0) in front.

  • To receive a new password, go to the ‘Forgotten password/Request login’ page and enter your VP account number (possibly with a zero in front). Your login information will be sent to you by letter within the next couple of days.  

Registering for the annual general meeting

By registering your email address, you will automatically receive the invitation to the annual general meeting by email. It is possible to change your email address at any time by pressing “Contact details” on the front page in the shareholder portal and from there update your personal information.


Go to the shareholder portal.


View or search our archive of investor news and releases.

Financial Calendar

Dates for upcoming results announcements, the AGM, the Ex-Dividend date and other events.

Stock Chart

See Føroya Banki's share price development and compare it to relevant indices.

Financial Reports

View Føroya Banki's quarterly and annual financial reports going back to 2011.