Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate responsibility remains an important part of BankNordik’s strategy. BankNordik wants to create long-term value for all our stakeholders, and we want them to feel confident that we manage our business with proper attention to social, ethical and governance issues. This also applies to the Bank’s contribution to financial stability and economic growth. The Group considers responsible business conduct a precondition for long-term value creation.


CSR is also an opportunity to use our skills, expertise, knowledge and relationships to make a positive difference to individuals and society. Building trust, being open and approachable, and acting with integrity is vital to achieving this objective. BankNordik is a source of finance and a trusted financial partner, generating financial value directly for our customers, suppliers, business partners, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders. The Bank also generates social value through the benefits the Bank’s products bring to our customers; through the taxes paid; and through the Bank’s community involvement.


The Bank’s CSR initiatives will yield the best results if there is a natural connection between such activities and the Bank’s business strategy and core competences. Therefore, the Bank’s CSR activities and initiatives are strategically rooted in the Bank’s vision, strategy, and values.


Given the Group's historically strong commitment to community involvement and the desire to make a positive difference for our costumers and employeees, BankNordik's approach is centred on these three pillars:


  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Local community


Find BankNodik's CSR-reports here, or visit our local CSR-pages here:


CSR in Denmark

CSR in the Faroe Islands

CSR in Greenland