Meet the Board of Directors

Birger Durhuus

Annfinn Vitalis Hansen
Deputy chairman
Marjun Hanusardóttir
Board member
Kristian Reinert Davidsen
Board member

Árni Tór Rasmussen
Board member

Tom Ahrenst
Board member

Alexandur Johansen
Board member
Rúna Hentze
Board member
Kenneth Samuelsen
Board member


Learn more about our strong and profitable banking and insurance group.

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility is an important part of Føroya Banki's objective to create long-term value for its stakeholders.

Executive Management

Meet Føroya Banki’s executive management team, which is in charge
of day-to-day operations.

Corporate Governance 

A strong governance framework facilitates responsible corporate management and safeguards the interest of the Group's stakeholders.