Sustainability Policy

The objective of the sustainability policy is to describe the framework for managing and the processes of sustainability at BankNordik, including responsibilities and division of tasks, and guidelines for the execution of these tasks. With a distinct sustainability policy, BankNordik actively wants to work on sustainability as part of its core business and to make the guidelines visible in the company’s work on sustainability and corporate responsibility.


Our sustainability policy is based on Finance Denmark’s five recommendations to:

  1. Integrate sustainability into the business model.
  2. Develop more sustainable products.
  3. Implement sustainability in your own business.
  4. Provide clear and credible documentation and communication about sustainability.
  5. Publish CO2 footprint and goals for future reductions.

Investor Relations Policy

BankNordik seeks to inform and communicate openly and timely to promote fair pricing

Remuneration Policy

The remuneration policy reflects BankNordik's objectives of good governance and supports its ability to recruit, develop, and maintain high-performing employees. 

Corporate Governance

A strong governance framework facilitates responsible corporate management and safeguards the interest of the Group's shareholders, customers, and employees.

Dividend Tax

Shareholders from the Nordic countries are eligible for a dividend tax refund of 20% of BankNordik's dividend payments.